Latest Lucas Luggage reviews 2023: carry on & Hard-shell. Is Lucas good for you?

Lucas luggage reviews

You’ve arrived at the right site if you’re considering getting a lucas luggage. The
durability, user feedback, warranty, costs, features, and how Lucas stacks up against
competing brands will all be discussed in this lucas luggage reviews. The company of

lucas luggage is well renowned for producing suitcases, and they provide numerous
choices like lucas hard shell luggage and softshell luggage. Their luggage is built to be
durable and long-lasting.

Examining client lucas luggage reviews to understand their calibre is a good idea.
Reviewing the warranty to ensure you’re covered in case of problems is crucial. Various
features, like multiple compartments, spinner wheels, telescoping handles, and TSA-
approved locks, are available with Lucas luggage.

You may make an informed choice by contrasting Lucas luggage with competing
brands regarding cost, dependability, features, and user feedback. You’ll know more
about Lucas luggage at the end of this lucas luggage reviews, helping you decide if it
fits you.

Here’s our Top picks for you:

1.Lucas Expandable Softside Bag with 8-Rolling Spinner Wheels (Black) -lucas luggage reviews

A versatile and dependable travel companion is the Lucas Expandable 28 Inch Softside
Bag with 8-Rolling Spinner Wheels in Black. This bag was created with the
contemporary traveler in mind and offers comfort, toughness, and lots of storage. The
Lucas Expandable bag has you covered whether you’re going on a long-awaited
vacation or a business trip.

This softshell lucas luggage has ample room for all of your travel necessities thanks to
its 28-inch size. It’s perfect for extended journeys or vacations because to the
extendable feature, which enables you to accommodate more stuff. The flexible and
impact-resistance of the softside design are guaranteed by the use of hardwearing
fabrics like nylon or polyester.

Key characteristics:

○ large storage capacity for journeys of a long duration.
○ Impact resistance and flexibility are features of softside structure.
○ With eight rotating spinner wheels, movement is simple.
○ fashionable black tone that hides stains and blemishes.
○ Telescoping handle for easy control and grip.
○ For organized packing, there are several pockets and compartments.
○ lock with TSA approval for increased security.

The Lucas Expandable 28 Inch Softside Bag with 8-Rolling Spinner Wheels is a
dependable and fashionable travel buddy, to sum up. It is a popular option for frequent
travelers due to its roomy interior, easy mobility, and sturdy build. This bag will suit your
demands and add a touch of elegance to your travels, whether you’re leaving on a work
trip or a holiday.

2.Lucas Treadlight Carry On Luggage Hardshell Suitcase (Tread Charcoal) -20 Inch- lucas luggage

The Lucas Treadlight Checked Luggage in the 28-inch size, a awsome combination of
style, durability, and functionality. This one is designed to elevate our travel experience
and make our journeys hassle-free. Let’s dive into why this lucas luggage hard shell
deserves a place by our side next adventure.

The Lucas Treadlight Checked Luggage showcases a scratch-resistant hard case
construction, blending ABS and PC materials for superior protection and durability. The
sleek Charcoal color adds a touch of sophistication to your travel ensemble. This 28-
inch suitcase provides ample space for your belongings, making it ideal for longer trips
and family vacations.

Key characteristics:

○ Ultra-lightweight design reduces the strain of carrying heavy luggage.
○ Four rolling spinner wheels ensure effortless maneuverability in any direction.
○ The expandable feature allows for extra storage capacity when needed.
○ The fully lined interior offers convenient packing with multiple compartments and
○ TSA-approved combination lock provides added security and peace of mind

So, the Lucas Treadlight Checked Luggage is the ultimate travel companion for those
who is seeking a blend of style, durability, and functionality. it is lightweight design,
expandable capacity, and effortless maneuverability ensure a comfortable travel
experience. With its scratch free formula hard case construction and convenient interior
organization, this luggage will keep your belongings safe and well-organized. Embark on
your next adventure with confidence, knowing that the Lucas Luggage has your back.

3.LUCAS Ultra Lightweight Carry On luggage (Dark Black) -20 Inch- lucas luggage reviews

The LUCAS Ultra Lightweight carry on is the epitome of travel convenience and
versatility. This 20-inch suitcase redefines the way you journey, offering a compact and
stylish solution that fits seamlessly into most airline compartments. Prepare to be
amazed as we explore the remarkable features of this essential travel companion.

With its expandable softside design, the LUCAS Ultra Lightweight Carry On combines
flexibility and durability to accommodate your travel needs. Impeccably crafted from
high-quality materials, this suitcase ensures the utmost protection for your belongings.
The Dark blue hue exudes elegance and adds a touch of sophistication to your travel
ensemble, setting you apart from the crowd.

Key characteristics:

○ Effortlessly glide through your travels with the eight smooth and responsive
spinner wheels.
○ Maximize your packing potential with the expandable feature that adapts to your
changing requirements.
○ Seamlessly navigate busy airports and narrow aisles with the compact and
maneuverable small rolling bag design.
○ Embrace the freedom to travel light with the ultra-lightweight construction that
minimizes strain on your shoulders and arms.
○ Rely on the durability and reliability of this suitcase, built to withstand the
demands of frequent travel.

In conclusion, the Lucas Ultra Lightweight carry on is a true game-changer, offering an
exceptional travel experience that combines convenience, style, and durability. Its
compact size, expandable capacity, and effortless maneuverability make it the perfect

companion for jet-setters and adventure-seekers alike. Stand out from the crowd with
the eye-catching Royal Blue color while enjoying the freedom of traveling light. The
LUCAS Ultra Lightweight Carry-On empowers you to embark on your journeys with
confidence and ease, ensuring that every trip is a remarkable experience.

4.Lucas Designer Luggage Carry On Collection (Diva)-20 Inch – lucas luggage reviews

Lucas Designer Luggage Carry-On Collection, where fashion meets functionality. This
20-inch luggage is a true showstopper, designed to turn heads while providing all the
essential features for a seamless travel experience. Step into the spotlight and let your
inner diva shine with this remarkable travel companion.

The Lucas Designer Luggage Carry-On Collection combines stunning design with
durability, making it a must-have for the fashion loved traveler. The “Diva” exceptionally
beautiful printed pattern adds a touch of glamour the journey, ensuring stand out from
the crowd. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this suitcase offers both style
and practicality in one stunning package.

Key characteristics:

○ Make a fashion statement with the eye-catching “Diva” pattern.
○ Embrace the freedom to pack more with the expandable feature, accommodating
your changing travel needs.
○ Effortlessly glide through airports with the four smooth-rolling spinner wheels,
allowing for seamless navigation in any direction.
○ The ultra-lightweight construction reduces the strain on your arms and shoulders,
ensuring comfort throughout your journey.
○ The compact size meets most airline carry-on restrictions, providing convenience
and saving you time at check-in.
○ Expandable design adapts to your packing requirements.

5.Lucas Expandable Softside Bag (old school navy) –28 Inch- lucas luggage reviews

The Lucas Designer Luggage is a timeless blend of elegance and
functionality. This 28-inch softside bag in “Old School Navy” in check printed pattern is a

testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and style. With its durable construction,
expandable design, and smooth-rolling spinner wheels, this suitcase is a must-have for
the discerning traveler seeking a touch of nostalgia combined with modern

This one is Designed in a beautiful check printed color, this 28-inch softside bag
captures the essence of classic style with a contemporary twist. Meticulously crafted to
surpass expectations, this suitcase combines durability, expandability, and smooth-
rolling spinner wheels for a truly seamless travel experience. This one piece is poised to
elevate travel game to new heights.

Key characteristics:

○ Expandable design allows you to adapt to varying packing needs, ensuring you
have enough space for all your essentials.
○ Effortlessly glide through bustling airports with the four 360-degree rolling
spinner wheels, offering exceptional maneuverability.
○ The ultra-lightweight construction reduces the burden on your shoulders and
arms, allowing you to travel with ease.
○ Ample storage space awaits inside the spacious interior, equipped with
thoughtful compartments and pockets for organized packing.

In conclusion, the LUCAS Designer Luggage Collection in “Old School Navy” brings
together classic elegance and modern functionality in a single suitcase. With its durable
construction, expandable design, and smooth-rolling spinner wheels, this 28-inch
softside bag is an essential travel companion. Immerse yourself in the essence of
timeless style while enjoying the convenience of modern features.

6. Lucas Designer Carry on Duffle Bag (Ditty Floral)-lucas luggage reviews

The LUCAS Designer Carry on duffle bag is a bag cum luggage which offers a stylish
and practical solution for travel needs. The Lightweight Pattern 22 Inch Duffel Bag,
specifically in the Floral design also available in more printed designs. This is a versatile and
eye-catching option that combines functionality with a fashionable aesthetic way.

This lucas carry on luggage is designed with convenience in mind. It features two rolling
spinner wheels that allow for effortless maneuverability, making it easy to navigate
through crowded airports or busy streets. The telescoping handle ensures comfortable
and smooth handling, while the durable construction ensures that your belongings are
well-protected during your travels.

Key characteristics:

○ Lightweight construction for easy travel and adherence to airline weight
○ Ergonomic handle and rolling spinner wheels for comfortable maneuverability
○ Versatile design suitable for weekend getaways, overnight trips, and business
○ Stylish “Ditty Floral” pattern adds a touch of elegance to your travel gear
○ Interior lined with high-quality polyester fabric for durability and protection
○ Dimensions: 22 x 10 x 14.5 inches; Weight: 4 lbs.

Moreover, Versatility is a key highlight of this bag, making it suitable for various travel
purposes. Whether you need a compact weekender, an efficient overnight bag, or a
reliable business travel suitcase, this duffel bag has got you covered.

7. Lucas Cabin Luggage Under Seat Bag (Blue) -16 Inch- lucas luggage reviews

The Lucas Cabin Luggage offers a compact and versatile solution for travel needs, and
the small lightweight 16-inch under seat bag in an appealing blue hue is a standout
choice. This bag is not only designed to fit perfectly under the seat but also serves as a
garment briefcase, making it an ideal carry-on suitcase for man and women who needs
both style and functionality. Even though its small size it can hold enough belongings.

Key characteristics:

○ Compact and lightweight design for easy travel
○ Two rolling spinner wheels for effortless mobility
○ Telescopic handle for comfortable maneuverability
○ Functions as both an under seat bag and garment briefcase

○ Stylish blue color adds sophistication to your travel ensemble
○ Durable construction ensures longevity and protection for your belongings

In summary, the Lucas Cabin Luggage Collection’s small lightweight under seat bag is a
versatile and stylish travel companion. With its compact size, smooth rolling spinner
wheels, and garment briefcase functionality, this bag is an excellent choice for women
seeking convenience and style in their travel experiences.

What to look before buying?

Before buying a Lucas luggage, you must focus on some lucas luggage reviews. Here
are some important overview to consider before buying luggage:

Size and Capacity: Start by assessing your travel needs and determine the appropriate
size and capacity of the luggage. Consider factors such as the length of your trips,
airline restrictions, and the amount of belongings you typically carry. Lucas offers
various range of sizes, from compact carry-ons to large items, allowing you to find the
perfect fit for your requirements.

Durability and Material: Pay attention to the durability and material of the luggage.
Lucas has variety of options, including softshell and hardshell luggage. Softside
luggage is typically made from durable fabrics, while hardside luggage is constructed
from materials such as polycarbonate or ABS. Consider the level of protection needed
for your belongings and choose accordingly.

Maneuverability: Look for luggage with smooth-rolling spinner wheels and a telescopic
handle. This ensures easy maneuverability, allowing you to navigate through crowded
airports or busy streets with minimal effort. Consider the number of wheels, as well as
their quality and sturdiness.

Organization Features: Consider the interior organization features of the luggage. Look
for compartments, pockets, and straps that help keep your belongings neatly organized
and secure during travel. Features like a zippered divider, mesh pockets, and
compression straps can make packing and unpacking a breeze.

Security Features: Check for security features that provide peace of mind while
traveling. Features like TSA-approved locks or combination lock systems help protect
your belongings from theft or tampering. Additionally, consider luggage with reinforced
corners or protective shells.

Design and Style: Finally, consider the design and style of the luggage. Lucas offers
various designs, patterns, and colors that suit your personal taste and preferences. Opt
for a design that reflects your style while ensuring that the luggage is easily identifiable
on the baggage carousel.

By considering these factors before purchasing a Lucas luggage, you can select the
right option that meets your travel needs.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is lucas luggage good?

Yes, Lucas luggage is considered good. It offers a range of varitey and affordable
options and has lots of positive lucas luggage reviews.

Is lucas luggage good quality?

Lucas luggage is generally considered to be of decent quality. While it may not be on
par with premium brands, it offers good durability and functionality for its price range.
Many customers have reported positive lucas luggage reviews experiences with Lucas
luggage, highlighting its sturdy construction, reliable zippers, and ample storage space.
However, it is important to note that individual experiences may vary, and it’s always
recommended to read lucas luggage reviews and compare different options before
making a purchasing decision.

Who sells lucas luggage?

Lucas luggage is sold by various retailers both online and in physical stores. Some
popular sellers of Lucas luggage include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and
Bed Bath & Beyond. It is advisable to check with local stores or visit the websites of
these retailers to find specific Lucas luggage models and availability in your area.

Who makes lucas luggage?

Lucas Luggage falls under the umbrella of 24/7 International LLC, a company that
manages multiple luggage brands, including Andiamo, Pathfinder, Ciao, Steve Madden,
Nicole Miller, Caribbean Joe, Rosetti, Lily Bloom, and Kathy Van Zeeland. The existence
of numerous brands under one company may raise some concerns. Although
information about 24/7 International LLC is limited, it appears to be a private label
company that designs and sells luggage, while manufacturing is outsourced to China,
Vietnam, or Taiwan. This business model is common among affordable luggage brands,
allowing for cost savings that are reflected in their competitive pricing.

Do they have a website?

As of now, Lucas Luggage doesn’t have any website. Hopefully, they will launch their own site very soon. But don’t worry they are selling products on renowned E-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart.