New Coolife Luggage Reviews with Pros & cons in 2023. Most Stylish Luggage Brand of the Year.

coolife luggage reviews

Imagine the excitement of planning your next adventure, whether it’s a quick weekend
getaway or a long-awaited extended vacation. As a traveler, you understand the struggle
of deciding what to pack and the importance of having the perfect luggage. That’s
where coolife luggage reviews steps in, becoming your ultimate travel companion.

Coolife has crafted a modern line of suitcases that embody the essence of efficient and
organized travel. They understand that every inch of space counts, so their bags come
equipped with clever zipper pockets, mesh compartments, and security straps to keep your belongings tidy and secure. No more rummaging through a jumbled mess to find
what you need!

Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set (white grid)- coolife luggage reviews

This is undoubtedly the crème de la crème of Coolife’s offerings, but it comes with a
higher price tag. You cannot purchase the set individually and it may cost you a lot, but
trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Let me tell you why. These suitcases are special because they don’t have zippers.

They are made with a strong aluminum frame and a tough polycarbonate body, so they
are very durable and sturdy. The materials used are of the highest quality, justifying the
higher cost. It’s important to note that zipperless luggage always tends to be more
expensive than regular luggage, and even just one of these suitcases can set you back
by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

These coolife luggage come with two fully lined packing compartments. One
compartment has a zippered divider and two pockets, while the other has tie-down

○ Durable
○ ABS+PC material
○ TSA Lock
○ 360-degree smooth wheels
○ Available in 5 elegant colors

○ Can’t purchase individually
○ Expensive

The best part is that all three suitcases have double-spinner wheels, making them roll
smoothly and nicely. Plus, they have a telescopic wheel handle that locks into various
heights to adjust to your comfort level.

Coolife Luggage Suitcase (Caribbean Blue)- coolife luggage reviews

If you only need one travel partner, this Coolife 28-inch luggage is a great option. The
collection includes three pieces of luggage, but they sell them individually, not as a
discounted set. That’s alright, though, as there are many other sets available.

These suitcases are made from ABS and Polycarbonate, so they might not be the best
quality you can find. However, considering they are priced under $100, it’s normal to
expect their quality to match the affordability. You can’t expect premium luxury at such
a budget-friendly price.

All three suitcases in this collection have useful features like one spinner wheel, an
aluminum handle, and a TSA lock. You’ll enjoy smooth and quiet movement at the
airport, and the three-digit combination lock will ensure your belongings stay safe
throughout your journey.

○ Abs+ pc hard shell
○ Sold separately
○ Budget-friendly
○ Silent wheels
○ Six color variation

○ Less durable
○ need corner guards.

The suitcases inside have the same packing compartments, all with lining, three
zippered pockets, a divider, and straps. However, there’s one important distinction: only
the largest suitcase offers expandable capacity. By increasing its width by 2 inches, you can get 15% more packing space. This useful feature is only found in the biggest
suitcase and not in the two smaller ones.

If you need to pack more, the largest suitcase will be the perfect choice.

Coolife Luggage 2 Piece Set Carry On(Sakura pink)-coolife luggage reviews

I was very happy to discover that Coolife has multiple hard-side suitcases with outside
compartments – they’re not easy to find! This one caught my eye since it’s more
budget-friendly than the first options I showed you.

Instead of using just one expensive material like pure polycarbonate, this one is made
from a mix of PC and ABS, which makes it more affordable. The quality might not be as
top-notch, but there’s a silver lining! The ABS helps protect the suitcase from scratches,
and the polycarbonate keeps it light, strong, and flexible. So, it’s a win-win for my wallet
and luggage needs!

The carry-on has a fantastic feature – an external laptop compartment with special
sleeves for your computer and tablet and extra pockets. It’s a game-changer for staying
organized while traveling. You can keep your precious tech safe and have everything
easily reachable.

But here’s the best part I adore about this carry-on the laptop compartment can
be locked! Thanks to the TSA lock on top, you can secure the main and external
compartments. No worries at all. You can trust that all your belongings are safe and
sound during your journey. It’s like having your little fortress for your gadgets and other
essential items!

○ Eight beautiful color
○ Different sizes
○ Double TSA Lock
○ Sold individually or set
○ Front packet

○ Mixed pc material

Both suitcases have wheels that spin in two directions. They also have a sturdy handle
that can be adjusted to different heights. These features ensure your comfort.

Inside, they have nearly identical features fully lined interiors, one compartment with
tie-down straps, and another with a zippered divider containing two pockets. The only
noticeable distinction is that the larger suitcase offers an extra zippered pocket, apart
from the obvious external laptop compartment they have. So, you get pretty much the
same convenience and organization in both, with just a tiny variation in the extra pocket

Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Hardshell-coolife luggage reviews

Coolife offers two sets of luggage – a 3-piece set and a 4-piece Family Set. The
amazing part is that the Family Set costs only $30 more than the regular set, but you get
four pieces of luggage for approx $40 each, which is an awesome deal.

Both sets include three standard suitcase sizes – 20″, 24″, and 28″. The Family Set has
an extra 16″ bag, perfect for kids or overnight trips. Plus, the suitcases can be nested
inside one another, saving space when not in use. It’s a fantastic option for families or
anyone who wants great value and versatility in their luggage.

The Coolife suitcases are made from 100% ABS plastic, which is not as flexible as
polycarbonate and may break if subjected to strong impacts. However, the ABS material
offers better scratch resistance, keeping the luggage looking new longer.

All the suitcases in this set have single spinner wheels, a multi-stage wheel handle, and
a built-in TSA lock for added security during travel. Inside, you’ll find two fully lined
packing clothing compartments that can hold a generous amount of clothes.

One compartment has tie-down straps to keep your items in place, while the other
features a zippered divider and a mesh pocket for additional organization.

Unfortunately, no other pockets are inside the suitcase, and the packing capacity cannot
be expanded.

○ Available in twenty-two colors
○ TSA Lock
○ 360 wheels
○ aluminum telescoping handle

○ One compartment
○ Fixed-size

Overall, these Coolife suitcases are reliable options with scratch-resistant exteriors, but
they lack some flexibility and extra features in higher-end luggage.

Coolife Luggage (lake blue)-coolife luggage reviews

If you’re looking for a colorful luggage set, consider this one from Coolife. It includes
three piece luggage set hard-side suitcases that can be nested inside each other,
offering great value for money.

Made from abs pc hard plastic, these suitcases come with corner guards, a small yet
significant feature that enhances their durability and impact resistance. The corner
guards protect the suitcase from damage if it lands on its edges, which are usually
more prone to breaking or scuffing.

The unique texture of the pc hard plastic shell adds to its charm and helps hide any
scuffs and scratches, keeping the luggage looking fresh and new for a longer time. This
set is perfect for travelers who want eye-catching luggage, providing extra protection
during their journeys.

Inside, the suitcases offer scalable space with two fully lined packing compartments.
One compartment has tie-down straps, and the other has a full panel divider and a
zippered pocket for better arrangement.

The bigger suitcase is 28inch 20.5 x 11x and has an extra feature. This expandable
capacity provides 15 additional packing capacity. However, this feature is only available
to the 28″ suitcase. It is not available in the smaller ones.

○ Eight color
○ Mounted Tsa
○ Protected corner
○ Spinner wheel

○ Sold as set
○ Smaller ones are fixed

All three suitcases in the set have double spinner wheels, ensuring quiet, smooth rolling
and good performance. They come with retractable wheel handles and TSA-friendly
combination locks to keep belongings safe.

Coolife Luggage 4 Piece Set Softshell-coolife luggage reviews

If you’re interested in softshell suitcases, this 3-piece set is an excellent choice, offering
great value for money at under $170 for all three suitcases. The set includes a 20″ carry-
on, a 24″ medium checked bag, and a 28″ large checked bag, and the suitcases can be
nested inside each other for easy storage.

Made from durable 1680D Oxford cloth, these suitcases are sturdy and have good water
resistance. They are more durable than polyester and have corner guards to enhance
their strength. The 20″ carry-on complies with US cabin luggage guidelines, making it
suitable for domestic travel within the States. This set is perfect for durable and budget-
friendly softshell luggage options.

All three suitcases in this set have the same features, including a fully lined packing
compartment with tie-down straps to keep clothes in place. Some organizations have a
large zippered pocket on the lid, but there are no additional internal pockets.

The suitcases come with single spinner wheels and a telescopic wheel handle, making
them easy to maneuver. The wheels are more sturdy than double-spinner wheels, but
that’s a common issue with single-spinner wheels in general. Despite this, the luggage
is still a practical and budget-friendly option for travelers.

○ Budget-friendly
○ Six color
○ 1680D oxford cloth
○ Match IATA standards.

○ Regular lock

However, these Coolife suitcases have two external pockets, providing extra storage for
items you want to keep handy while traveling or those you may still need to pack

Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase lightweight-coolife luggage reviews

The Coolife collection offers three individual suitcases that can also be purchased as a
set, which is a fantastic deal and saves you a lot compared to buying them separately.

These softshell suitcases are made from Jacquard Oxford cloth, known for their
excellent durability and abrasion resistance. The suitcases also come with corner
guards, enhancing their overall protection.

While the three suitcases are similar, the smallest one has an external laptop
compartment, while the larger ones lack this feature. The larger one should have a
laptop compartment. However, the larger suitcases make up for it with an expandable
capacity, allowing you to pack more when needed. The set is the way to go for the best
value and convenience if you’re considering multiple suitcases.

Inside, the suitcases offer ample space with tie-down straps and a zippered pocket on
the lid for some organization. However, the packing compartments have no extra
pockets, which may not be ideal for staying highly organized. It’s worth noting that the
larger suitcases lack the additional compartment found in the carry-on. Despite this, the
suitcases remain practical and secure choices for your travels.

○ Three color
○ TSA lock
○ Enough pockets
○ Jacquard oxford cloth

○ heavy
○ No laptop compartment

All Coolife luggage have a spinning wheel and an adjustable handle that you can set to
various heights. They have a lock for security, but you cannot lock the external
compartment of the carry-on.

Coolife Carry On Hardside Luggage (Black 5-pieceset)-coolife luggage reviews

This travel set includes carry-on, checked, and large luggage, a weekender bag, and a
toiletry bag. We design these products to make your travels easy and fashionable. Keep
your things secure and tidy with the lock and divided interior of this TSA-approved

Made with strong ABS material, these suitcases are light and durable, designed to last a
long time and easy to carry. Moving around is a breeze with the retractable handle and
four multi-directional spinner wheels that glide smoothly alongside you.

Polyester fabric makes these bags mildly water-repellent and perfect for your travel
needs. They come with multiple pockets that make organizing your belongings a

breeze. The Weekender bag has a special pocket sleeve for easy access to your things.
You can also attach it to your luggage handle for extra convenience.

Pack confidently, knowing that our waterproofing will protect your things from water
splashes. With your essentials organized in the pockets, your trip will be easy and
stress-free. The weekender bag’s smart design will change the game, keeping your
important things close and making traveling with it enjoyable.

○ Abs material
○ Tsa lock

○ Not sturdy

Imagine effortlessly wheeling your luggage at your own pace, feeling confident that your
essentials are secure and ready for your adventure. This travel set is perfect for any trip,
and a touch of elegance to make your travel experience better. So, pack your bags, hit
the road, and make unforgettable memories with this thoughtfully designed travel set by
your side.

Coolife Luggage Bag Hardside Trunk – coolife luggage reviews

So this one is my personal favorite. This amazing luggage set that combines innovation and style to enhance your journey. Each bag has a special lock that lets security check it without ruining your travel plans.

Look at the small bag of amazing things, with a zipper that has two locks. It keeps your
valuable items safe in the main part and front pocket.

The polycarbonate shell is strong and durable, allowing the luggage to withstand any
adventure. It also has a hollow interior. Delve into the fully-lined roomy space, where
enigmatic mesh pockets await to reveal their secret of organization mastery.

If you love unique things, there is a special option for you. It is an aluminum frame type
with a beautiful design. This option doesn’t have a zipper in the middle, but it looks
elegant and captivating.

The big suitcase has a zip and can expand to 28 inches for extra stuff. The small one
has useful pockets in the front. These pockets can securely hold a laptop up to 15.6
inches, a tablet up to 13 inches, a charger, a USB cable, a passport, cards, and other

○ Hard shel
○ sturdy
○ Different color

○ less durable

The bags are designed for easy movement. They have a telescopic handle, four spinner
wheels, and strong handles on top and sides. With these clever features, you’ll find it a
breeze to glide through airports and navigate any travel terrain comfortably.

Coolife Luggage 3-Piece Set-coolife luggage reviews

This set of 3 luggages in different sizes that can be easily stored by fitting one
inside the other. Crafted from 100% ABS material, these Coolife luggage are impressively
lightweight while offering exceptional durability to withstand all your adventures.

It will give superior comfort with the sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle,
which adjusts to your desired height for easy maneuvering. Inside, you’ll find an interior
mesh zip pocket and elasticated straps, providing smart organization options for your

These coolife. luggage are designed to maximize space, making it easy to pack everything you
need without any problems. This coolife luggage 3 piece set is perfect for any trip, whether it’s a short or getaway or a long vacation. It’s practical, elegant, and will make your journey easy and

Now you can Get rid of heavy luggage and enjoy a quiet and easy trip with spinner wheels that move
smoothly in all directions. The TSA-accepted lock upgrade enhances Your peace of
mind, ensuring your belongings are safe and secure throughout your travels.

○ 12 color


○ Sold as set only

Safety is paramount when traveling, and Coolife takes this seriously. They’ve installed
TSA-approved locks on all their luggage, offering extra peace of mind. Their special
mechanism keeps your zippers closed and your belongings safe during your trip.

Aside from functionality and safety, Coolife believes your luggage should reflect your
style and personality. Their designs are trendy, modern, and fashionable. They give your
travel outfit an extra touch of style.

This sets them apart from other luggage brands. Imagine strolling through the airport,
turning heads with your eye-catching luggage, and feeling like the ultimate jet setter.

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Are luggage trackers worth it?

Luggage trackers are worth it for the peace of mind they provide. They act like a reliable travel companion, ensuring you always know where your belongings are. It’s a worthy investment for a stress-free journey.

Do Coolife provide special luggage for women?

Of course, Coolife has a wonderful collection that is perfect for a woman. They provide the most vibrant colors and stylish designs which are loved by women.

Can Coolife luggage wheels be replaced?

Yes, absolutely. Even though coolife luggage is quite sturdy so wheels won’t break easily. But if it ever breaks you can replace it easily.

Where to buy Coolife Luggage?

Coolife is a renowned brand. They have a wonderful website you can purchase directly from them. Moreover, you can find Coolife products on Various shops and E-commerce platforms too.

Does Coolife make luggage for kids?

Coolife doesn’t make specific luggage for kids. But they have some small sizes of luggage with vibrant colors which can be used by kids.

Does coolife luggage come with a key?

No, A key with luggage is an orthodox idea in 2023. Coolife has a modern safety lock feature which doesn’t need key