Best Biaggi Luggage Reviews: Pros & Cons 2023 Update

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Introduction: Biaggi luggage reviews

Welcome to our detailed exploration of Biaggi Luggage Reviews! Having dependable luggage can genuinely make a difference when it comes to travel. Biaggi has made a name for itself by creating innovative and functional luggage solutions that perfectly suit the needs of today’s travellers. In this article, we’ll delve into Biaggi luggage products’ essential aspects, benefits, and drawbacks. This information will help you make well-informed decisions before your next journey. Whether you’re specifically searching for “Biaggi luggage reviews,” an extensive “Biaggi luggage review,” or comprehensive “reviews for Biaggi luggage,” you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into the world of Biaggi Luggage, ensuring your upcoming adventures are both convenient and stylish.

Here’s the information presented in a table format for both the pros and cons of Biaggi Luggage:

Pros of Biaggi Luggage : Biaggi luggage reviews

Space-Saving DesignIngenious collapsible or foldable mechanisms enable easy storage, ideal for travelers with space constraints.
VersatilityDiverse range of options suitable for various travel scenarios, ensuring functionality for different trip durations.
DurabilityRobust construction and materials built to withstand the challenges of travel, ensuring long-lasting reliability.
Innovative FeaturesIncorporates TSA-approved locks, 360-degree spinner wheels, and organized compartments for a smoother travel experience.
Stylish AestheticsModern and appealing designs offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, letting you travel in style.

 Cons of Biaggi Luggage : Biaggi luggage reviews

Higher Price PointPremium quality and innovation come at a higher cost compared to some other luggage brands.
Limited AvailabilityBiaggi products might not be as widely available in physical stores, which could inconvenience those who prefer in-person shopping.
Limited Size OptionsWhile offering various sizes, the range might not cater to travelers with highly specific size requirements.
Biaggi luggage

In conclusion : Biaggi luggage reviews

Biaggi Luggage mixes clever ideas, style, and usefulness that folks who travel a lot really like. Their intelligent designs save room, the luggage is strong, and there are lots of types to pick from. Biaggi has found its place in the travel stuff world. Remember, it’s wise to think about what’s good and the price before choosing. So, if you’re hunting for “Biaggi luggage reviews,” a significant “Biaggi luggage review,” or all sorts of “reviews for Biaggi luggage,” you’re right where you need to be. No matter what you choose, Biaggi Luggage is ready to make your trips easier and fancier – you decide!



Product Description : Biaggi luggage review

Discover the ultimate travel companion with our Expandable Under-Seat Carry-On from Biaggi Luggage. This versatile bag starts as a compact pouch and transforms into a convenient 4-wheeled carry-on that fits snugly beneath the aeroplane seat. Need extra space? No worries! This under-seater expands a remarkable 5 inches upward, becoming a full-sized TSA-approved carry-on. Included is a spacious packing cube that allows you to neatly organize your clothes, leaving ample room for other carry-on essentials.

Product Technical Info:  Reviews for Biaggi Luggage

Dimensions (Expanded)21″ x 15″ x 9″
Dimensions (Packed)15″ x 9″ x 4″
Weight3.85 lbs
MaterialDurable and water-resistant nylon fabric
Spinner Wheels4 multi-directional spinner wheels
Pockets3 exterior zippered pockets, 2 interior mesh zippered pockets
Trolley SleeveRear trolley sleeve for attaching to suitcase handle
Carrying OptionsAdjustable cushioned shoulder strap or wheeled
Included Packing CubeCustom-fitted and extra-deep (14″ x 9.5″ x 5″) packing cube
WarrantyTwo-year warranty

 Pros and Cons: Biaggi luggage review

Compact to Full-SizedLimited color options
Expandable DesignMay not suit travelers with more extensive packing needs
Included Packing CubeSmaller size may not be suitable for all travel occasions

 Conclusion and Suggestion: Reviews for Biaggi Luggage

To sum it up, the Expandable Under-Seat Carry-On by Biaggi Luggage is a versatile travel solution that adapts to your needs. Transforming from a compact pouch to a spacious carry-on, it offers the flexibility to accommodate different trips. The included packing cube ensures efficient organization. For those exploring “Biaggi luggage reviews,” an insightful “biaggi luggage review,” or comprehensive “reviews for biaggi luggage,” this product is worth considering.

This under-seat carry-on fits the bill if you seek a blend of convenience and adaptability for your travels. However, as with any choice, weighing the pros and cons to align with your travel style is essential. Your journey, your way – Biaggi Luggage is there to enhance your experience.

2.ZIPSAK BACKPACK ON THE GO : Biaggi luggage reviews

ZIPSAK BACKPACK ON THE GO : Biaggi luggage reviews

Product Description: Biaggi luggage review

Introducing the ZIPSAK Backpack On-the-Go by Biaggi Luggage – a blend of durability, versatility, and water resistance tailor-made for your travel needs. This backpack is your ideal travel companion, a practical choice for daily use, and even a school bag. With features like an over-the-handle trolley sleeve, a padded laptop compartment, multiple inner and outer zippered pockets, and a universal water bottle pocket, the unique bucket-style opening eliminates the hassle of rummaging to find your belongings. Plus, it gets even better – the On-the-Go Backpack can be neatly folded into a small pouch for easy storage or used as an extra travel bag.

Product Technical Info: Reviews for Biaggi Luggage

ZIPSAK BACKPACK ON THE GO : Biaggi luggage reviews 2
ZIPSAK BACKPACK ON THE GO : Biaggi luggage reviews 3
Dimensions16″ x 12.5″ x 7″
Folded Dimensions12.5″ x 6.5″ x 3″
Weight1.4 lbs
MaterialDurable nylon fabric that resists tears and is easy to clean
Opening StyleUnique “bucket style” opening for easy access to belongings
Laptop SleeveCushioned sleeve accommodates laptops and tablets up to 15″
Trolley SleeveOver-the-handle trolley sleeve for added convenience
PurposeSuitable as an under-seat bag for air travel, everyday work bag, or school bag
PocketsExterior side zippered pocket, elastic water bottle pocket, easy-access top zippered pocket
 Large exterior front zippered pocket with a snap-off key chain, interior zippered security pocket
ComfortCushioned back designed for comfort, includes ID tag
WarrantyProtected by a 2-year warranty

Pros and Cons: Biaggi luggage reviews

ZIPSAK BACKPACK ON THE GO : Biaggi luggage reviews 3
Versatile and DurableLimited color options
Over-the-Handle Trolley SleeveMay not suit heavy packers
Padded Laptop SleeveSmaller size may not be suitable for extended trips
Easy Access and Organization 
Compact Folding Option 

 Conclusion and Suggestion:Biaggi luggage reviews

 Imagine the ZIPSAK Backpack On-the-Go from Biaggi Luggage as your dependable friend, always ready for trips. Rugged, flexible, and perfect for adventures. For “Biaggi luggage reviews,” a detailed “Biaggi luggage review,” or valuable “reviews for Biaggi luggage,” this backpack has what you need. Fits your life whether you’re exploring, working, or studying. Just remember, consider what works best for you. It’s made to make travel smoother and daily life easier. Your choice – enjoy the convenience and style of Biaggi Luggage!

3.NEW! ZIPSAK WITH TROLLEY HANDLE: Biaggi luggage reviews

NEW! ZIPSAK WITH TROLLEY HANDLE: Biaggi luggage reviews

Introduction:Biaggi luggage reviews

Introducing the NEW! ZIPSAK WITH TROLLEY HANDLE from Biaggi Luggage – your favourite Zipsak carry-on, now with a retractable trolley handle. Get the best of both worlds: incredible storage and easy mobility.

Product Technical Info:Biaggi luggage reviews

  • – Size: 21″ x 14″ x 10″, Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • – Folded Size: 14″ x 10″ x 6″
  • – Laptop Pocket: Fits any laptop or tablet
  • – Material: Durable nylon, Aircraft-grade aluminium trolley handle
  • – Special Feature: Retractable handle with foldable technology
  • – Wheels: Four spinner wheels
  • – Pockets: Three exteriors, two interior zippered pockets
NEW! ZIPSAK WITH TROLLEY HANDLE: Biaggi luggage reviews 2


Pros:Biaggi luggage review

  • – Smart storage with a compact fold
  • – Retractable trolley handle for easy use
  • – Smooth manoeuvring
  • – Tough materials
  • – Padded laptop pocket

Cons:Biaggi luggage review

  • – Few colour choices
  • – May not suit heavy packers
  • – Smaller size for more extended trips



Introducing : Biaggi luggage review

The LIFT-OFF! EXPANDABLE UNDERSEATER TO CARRY ON – a bright 2-in-1 bag. It begins compact for under seats and grows into a 22″ carry-on with an easy unzip. Perfect for presents or keepsakes. Unzip inside for more room or keep things apart like shoes or laundry. More than just a carry-on, it’s a 4-wheeled solid trolley suitcase with everything you need.

 Tech Specs:Biaggi luggage review

● Size: 15″ x 14.5″ x 7″, Weight: 5.5 lbs

● Expanded Size: 22″ x 14.5″ x 7″

● Handle Height: 34.5″

● Expanded Compartment: Zipper separates top and bottom or makes one big space

● Trolley Handle: Retractable aluminium handle

● Pockets: Four zippers, including two side pockets

● Interior: Pockets, tie-down straps, padded laptop sleeve

● Material: Durable, tear-resistant fabric

● Warranty: 5 years



● 2-in-1 design for flexibility

● Easy expansion

● Lots of storage choices     

● Tough and tear-resistant

● Padded laptop sleeve


● May be big for light Packers

● Smaller size when not expanded

● Not suitable for longer trips

5.RUNWAY-HARDSIDE HYBRID CARRY-ON : Biaggi luggage reviews

RUNWAY-HARDSIDE HYBRID CARRY-ON : Biaggi luggage reviews

Product Description:Biaggi luggage review

Introducing the innovative RUNWAY-HARDSIDE HYBRID CARRY-ON – a perfect blend of solid hard-side and flexible soft-side. It’s like two bags in one. More than a carry-on, it’s stylish, rugged, and affordable. Crafted from top-quality parts worldwide, including quiet “silent-run” Hinomoto Wheels and a top-notch German polycarbonate shell. Runway leads the way in its category.

RUNWAY-HARDSIDE HYBRID CARRY-ON : Biaggi luggage reviews 3

Tech Specs: Biaggi luggage reviews

● Size: 22″ x 14″ x 8″ (Expands to 22″ x 14″ x 10.5″)

● Weight: 5.9 lbs

● Shell: Strong polycarbonate

● Front Panel: Opens with durable fabric

● Top Panel: Folds with laptop sleeves and zip pocket

● Exterior Pocket: Big zip pocket for water bottles or stuff

● Slim Design: Fits smaller plane storage; Expands for larger flights

● Trolley System: Aircraft-grade aluminium trolley

● Wheels: “Silent-run” Hinomoto wheels for smooth travel

● Removable Pouch: Included for wet or dirty items

● Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

RUNWAY-HARDSIDE HYBRID CARRY-ON : Biaggi luggage reviews 5

Pros: Biaggi luggage reviews

● Mix of solid and soft sides

● Durable and secure

● Fashionable and budget-friendly

● Fits well in overheads

● Handy pockets

Cons: Biaggi luggage reviews

● Might be big for light packers

● Larger size when expanded

● May be too spacious for short trips

6.BIAGGI CURVE – WHEELED CARRY-ON + GARMENT BAG : Biaggi luggage reviews

RUNWAY-HARDSIDE HYBRID CARRY-ON : Biaggi luggage reviews 8

Product Description: Biaggi luggage reviews

Meet the BIAGGI CURVE – WHEELED CARRY-ON + GARMENT BAG – a revolutionary solution to the challenges of carrying garment bags and carry-ons. Why struggle with wrinkles or bring both types of bags? The curve is designed to simplify travel. It’s made to safeguard your belongings, optimize space, and enhance convenience, making your travel experience incredibly comfortable.

Product Technical Info: Biaggi luggage reviews

Dimensions22″ x 12″ x 11″
Weight4 lbs
Garment Bag Dimensions41″ x 21″, fits 2 heavier items (suits, gowns) + 2-3 lighter items (shirts, pants, light dresses)
MaterialQuality YKK No-Slip zippers, jewel toned nylon, ultra-soft lining on interior and garment bag
PocketsLarge padded front exterior pocket for laptop + 2 smaller rear exterior zippered pockets
Interior Features2 interior mesh pockets, 2 zippered pockets on front of inner garment bag
ClaspsSide clasps ensure secured closure
StructureReinforced and durable side panels
HandlesMulti-stage aluminum trolley handle, top carry handles
AdditionalIncludes a nylon storage bag
Warranty10-year limited warranty

Pros and Cons:Biaggi luggage reviews

RUNWAY-HARDSIDE HYBRID CARRY-ON : Biaggi luggage reviews 10
Innovative 2-in-1 DesignMay not suit minimalist travelers
Protects and Maximizes SpaceLarger size when expanded for those seeking compact carry-on
Convenient PocketsMay be too spacious for shorter trips

What happened to Biaggi luggage?

Biaggi Luggage, founded in 2008 by Stephen Hersh, gained a boost from Shark Tank and Lori Greiner’s investment. Their Zipsak product was a hit, selling $5 million through QVC in 2016. With $5 million+ revenue in 2021, Biaggi offers quality, affordable luggage on Amazon, their website, and QVC. Strong branding, distribution, and marketing, including influencers, drive their success.

Who makes Biaggi luggage?

Biaggi Luggage, created by Stephen Hersh in 2008, comes from the company Biaggi Luggage, Inc. Based in NYC, they craft their bags in China.
Their standout is the Zipsak – a small pouch that becomes a big suitcase. Quality, style, and good prices define Biaggi luggage. On Shark Tank, Lori Greiner invested. They’ve grown to offer diverse bags, even for laptops and clothes.
Buy Biaggi on Amazon, their site, or some stores.

Where is Biaggi luggage located?

Biaggi Luggage is based in New York City, and they make their bags in China.
You can find their main office here:
Biaggi Luggage, Inc.
135 E 57th Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10022
For questions, you can call them at 1-800-552-4924 or visit their website:

Which shark invested in Biaggi luggage?

Lori Greiner put $500,000 into Biaggi luggage during Shark Tank’s sixth season. She wanted 33% of the company, and Stephen Hersh, Biaggi’s founder, agreed.
Greiner liked Biaggi’s smart designs and saw it becoming a big name in luggage. She trusted Hersh to make it happen.
With Greiner’s money, Biaggi added more products and got popular. Now, it’s a top foldable luggage brand in the US.

How much does the Biaggi luggage weigh?

Biaggi luggage comes in different sizes and models, so the weight varies. Here are some examples:
Zipsak Micro-Fold Carry-On: About 3.6 pounds
Zipsak Micro-Fold Check-In: Around 4.8 pounds
Lift Off! Expandable Carry-On to Check-In: About 6.2 pounds
Leggero 28-Inch Carry-On: About 7 pounds
Leggero 31-Inch Check-In: Around 8 pounds
Remember, these are estimates and the actual weight might be different. What’s inside the bag also affects how heavy it is.

where is biaggi luggage made?

Biaggi luggage is crafted in China, while its headquarters are in New York City. Many luggage brands do this to save costs. Their bags are tough and stylish, perfect for work or fun trips.
China is chosen for a few reasons:
Low Costs: China has many workers who don’t earn much, so making luggage there is cheaper.
Materials: Lots of stuff like plastics and fabrics needed for bags are in China.
Advanced Tech: China has top-notch machines to make great bags.
Good Transport: China has good roads, ports, and airports to move bags around.
So, China’s a good place for making luggage due to low costs, material access, advanced tech, and good transport.

Is biaggi luggage sold in stores ?

Popular stores selling Biaggi luggage:
Amazon: Huge online store with lots of choices and good prices.
Macy’s: Department store with Biaggi options and financing.
Nordstrom: Another department store with free shipping for orders over $50.
Bloomingdale’s: Luxury store with both carry-ons and checked luggage.
Dillard’s: Department store with Biaggi options and a layaway program.
Lord & Taylor: Department store with a return policy.
Saks Fifth Avenue: Luxury store with personal shoppers to assist you.
Your best choice depends on what you prefer. If you want to see the luggage and get help, stores are good. If you want better prices and don’t mind waiting for delivery, online is better.

Biaggi luggage shark tank update ?

In 2014, Biaggi luggage was on Shark Tank. The founder wanted $500,000 for 30% of the company. He had $2.5 million sales in 2 years but paused sales to educate buyers. He invested $3.5 million himself.
Sharks were unsure, but liked the product and founder’s passion. Lori Greiner offered $500,000 for 33%, and he agreed.
After, Biaggi sales grew, and they sold on Amazon and QVC. By 2021, revenue passed $5 million.
Biaggi is set for more success with unique items, strong brand, and good sales.